Lorraine Monk Legacy

Following is a list of tributes from the media and her many admirers.

“I cannot tell you how excited and pleased we all are about the beautiful book
Between Friends/Entre Amis which was received from you a day or so ago.
Your personal inscription was (is) deeply and warmly appreciated.
It is, without question, one of the most beautiful books in its field I have
seen (or expect to see!) The very high level of the photographs, the excellent
selection of the texts and the general layout and plan are unique in quality
of communication, and good taste.
Again, congratulations and appreciation,"

Ansel Adams

“Lorraine Monk, Patron of photography and friend of Photographers In apprecitiation and Admiration.”

Yousuf Karsh
C.C., LL.D.

"May I congratulate you on your beautiful book, Between Friends/Entre Amis,
which is a great credit to you and your hard work and artistry, and, indeed,
to all Canadians."

Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau

"Between Friends/Entre Amis will be recorded in history books as one
of the most significant photographic projects of our centruy."

Weston Naef
Dept. of Prints & Photographs
Metropolitan Museum of Art
New York

"With her enthusiasm, her insights and perception, her dedication and her deep love of
photography, Lorraine Monk has inspired countless Canadians to new levels
of artistry, awareness and appreciation."

Jack McClelland
C.C., LL.D.

"It was extremely kind of you to send me a copy of Between Friends, which I have been studying
with the greatest fascination. I think it is a successful book in a way that is not only outstanding in itself
but very unusual for its genre, and I am delighted to have the book in my possession."

Northrop Frye
C.C., MA (Oxon), D.D., D.Litt., FRSC

"Photographs that Changed the World is a magnificent compilation of images that are both
familiar and poignant in their portrayal of time and place. I have taken particular note
of the contribution made by Canadian photographers. The book is beautifully presented,
and I would like to congratulate you on your fine work."

 Prime Minister Brian Mulroney

"Lorraine: I’m so proud and grateful to have this beautiful edition of your beautiful book.
The inscription alone will keep off the rain forever."

 June Callwood
C.C., O.Ont.

You are quite remarkable person, one who has already done much for Canada
and will do much more. My respect for your genius is matched only by my affection
for you as a very lovely person.

Floyd Chalmers
C.C., LL.D., D.LITT.

“Lorraine Monk is a crusader for the arts, who cares with a passion. She is a national treasure.”

Harry Rasky
C.M., O.Ont., B.A., LL.D.

"We can be proud in Canada to have Lorraine Monk, whose great talents as
a creator of books are internationally recognized."

Sonja Bata

We all ride in the dust from your Chariot!

Harold Town

“Lorraine Monk’s commitment to photography is surpassed only by her commitment to Canada”…

John Robert Colombo

"Lorraine Monk is one of the world's outstanding authorities on
photography, and this is probably her most brilliant book yet."

Conrad M. Black
-Photographs That Changed the World

“Lorraine Monk passionate support for photography has established her as the most important individual
in Canada’s photographic community.”

John Reeves
Photographer and Journalist

“Lorraine Monk has made a most significant contribution to the arts in Canada. She has a very personal
vision, a passion to pursue that vision, and the obstinacy and endurance to make it a reality.”

The Honourable John Roberts, PC

 “Lorraine Monk has single-handedly furthered the careers of hundreds of photographers and yes, perhaps

Paul Couvrette
Master of Photographic Arts
Master of Journalism
PPOC. Canadian Photographer of the Year

“Lorraine Monk is a visionary activist whose curating, archiving, administering and promoting of
photographic arts and Canadian culture has given us an invaluable legacy.”

Al Razutis
Multi-media artist

“Lorraine Monk is a powerful voice for photography and photographers and for the culture for Canada.”

Geoffrey Cudmore
Loyalist College

“Lorraine Monk’s book: Canada/A Year of the Land launched a new era of self-recognition for
Lorraine Monk made publishing history.
Lorraine Monk made photographic history.”

 Lilly Koltun, PhD
Director General
Portrait Gallery of Canada

“Lorraine Monk has provided an international stage and context for Canadian photographers.”

Richard Landon
Director and Professor
Thomas Rare Book Library
University of Toronto

“Truly, you are “Canada’s First Lady of Photography.”

John Miles
Programme Chairman
The Photographic Historical Society of Canada

“Lorraine Monk is now looked upon as the Gretzky of photography.”

Percy Rowe
The Sunday Sun

“Lorraine Monk not only achieved personal esteem and glory for her many award winning books and
productions, Lorraine Monk brought international acclaim and prestige to Canada.”

Prof. Charles Haines
Carleton University

Between Friends/Entre Amis is just possibly the most successful book ever published.”

Jack McClelland
C.C., LL.D.
- letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

“Lorraine Monk’s contribution to Canada is unique. She has enriched the lives of all Canadians. She has
created a sense of unity and identity every Canadian can take pride in. She is a genuine Nation Builder.”

James Swartz
Art Director
Windsor Art Studios

“Lorraine Monk has created a true legacy both as an inspiration and ambassador for the cultural life
of Canada.”
Brian Marshall Schieder
Quan-Schieder Fine Art

“Lorraine Monk is the doyenne of photography in Canada.”

Bruce Litteljohn
Photographer and Author

“Lorraine Monk’s contribution to Canada is awesome and beyond measure.”

Daniel Fernandez

“Lorraine Monk is a gift to Canada.”

Miroslaw Grudzinski
Side by Side

“My congratulations on all you are doing for photography.”

Ansel Adams

"Photographs that Changed the World" is:
"One of the most magnificent photographic books I have ever seen."

Yousuf Karsh
C.C., LL.D.


“You came and made small talk with me
You touched a cup, a chair
You brought a book for me to see
A merry joke to share
You did not speak to me of God
But after you had gone
Within the sunlight where you stood
His presence lingered on!”


“The above poem appeared on a card sent to me by Ann Bateman
mother of Robert Bateman with whom I shared a beautiful relationship for
several years before she died. I treasure this memory.”

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