Lorraine Monk Legacy

Celebrated by Canadian photographers from coast to coast as the “Queen of Photography”
and by an admiring media as –“The Joan of Arc of Photography”, Monk has relentlessly
worked to “show Canada to Canadians and to the world” – the mandate of the National
Film Board where she headed the Still Photography Division for over 20 years.

During these action-filled, years Lorraine Monk opened the first gallery in Canada dedicated
to showing the work of living Canadian photographers. Lorraine was often heard to complain-

“...art galleries want their artists dead. Their work is valued only when they die. I will
celebrate photographers in their lifetime”

And they were! Hundreds of photographic exhibitions were produced and traveled to galleries
across Canada and around the world:

Richard Harrington - Freeman Patterson – Robert Bourdeau - John de Visser –
Nina Raginsky - Pierre Goudard - Malak - George Hunter - Normand Grégoire -
Lutz Dille – Michael Semak – Judith Eglington - John Max and many, many others.

Famous in America as the women who produced Between Friends/Entre Amis - Canada’s
gift to its neighbour on its 200th Birthday.

Before moving to Toronto in 1980, the Federal Department of Immigration visited Monk
before she left Ottawa:

“Your books, which the Government has placed in Canadian Embassies
around the world, have brought more new Canadians to Canada than all of our
brochures, leaflets, and advertising put together”

In December 2006, the Globe and Mail officially designated Lorraine Monk...

“A Nation Builder”

Monk continues to enchant Canadians with her award-winning books –32 to date!

People frequently tell Lorraine Monk:

“When I saw your beautiful books, I was inspired to immigrate to Canada.”

Now that’s Nation Building!

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