At the end of Madame Vanier's pleasant visit to the Photo Gallery,

Lorraine Monk tells Madame Vanier she would like her to have copies of the Centennial Book which contained all the
photographs of the shows she has just enjoyed so much.

Madame Vanier is startled and delighted, as she receives a french edition of the majestic book -

"Canada du Temps qui passe"

with a beautiful text by Québec writer:

Jean Sorizzan

and an English edition with text by acclaimed writer:

Bruce Hutchison

The memorable afternoon visit ends on a solemn note.

Both Madame Vanier and Lorraine Monk have tears in their eyes as they bid "Farewell" its
an unforgettable photographic book at Canada.

Madame Vaniers youngest son, Michel Vanier, who accompanied his mother on her official visit to the Photo Gallery
watches as two deeply moved women embrace each other


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